Victorious Slot at Ladbrokes Casino

If you’re looking for the chance to win big then Victorious is definitely a good choice of coin operated game. With complete player control on the value of each bet and spin, the player can pull in massive wins per line.

There are five reels that the player spins and an amazing amount of ways to win, coming in at 243 ways in total. The game does not use bet lines but instead relies on the matching symbols showing up on adjacent reels, on a left to right basis.

These wining lines cannot be deactivated by the player, meaning that every spin has the maximum chances of winning and delivering a high and good pay-out for the player. All lines will be active the entire game.

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About Victorious Slot

Victorious is based on ancient Roman times, giving the absolute feel of victory as you imagine being a part of that time and gaining an entire empire! The feeling of victory is only amplified as you watch your winnings rolling in. the music and the symbols help the player really get in to the atmosphere and the mood of the game, letting them pretend they’re back in ancient times and gaining more and more power. It’s a very easy game to get lost in and is great for new and old players alike, letting everyone have the same shots at the reels and the ability to get brilliant wins out of this game.

How to Play:

Giving the player control on how much their credits is worth, Victorious has many ways that the player can control their bets and their plays. Each press of the spin button makes the game play at full capacity, optimising each of the 243 ways of winning to give the player the absolute best chance! The minimum value that the player can place on each coin is 0.01 and the highest comes in at 0.50. As well as this, there are up to ten levels that a player can use to up their bet and make their winnings go further. The highest pay-out per winning way is 1,500 coins followed closely by the second highest win at 1,000 coins. The value of each coin depends on the value of the spin you placed.

Skill Stop Feature

If the player wants to have complete control over their game and their winning and take chance out of the equation, Victorious has the skill stop feature available for all players meaning that people can press the spin button a second time at any point during a spin to bring the reels to a complete stop.

This is useful if the player is aiming towards a specific symbol or is aiming to gain access to one of the bonus rounds. This skill does not have to be used if players would rather leave their winnings up to the computer, however, and will not affect the game play in the slightest. This reduces the amount of luck that a player needs in order to get their symbols and means that they’re taking their winnings in to their own hands and being an active part of the game play.

Free Spin Bonus

The free spin bonus round in Victorious is an additional side game, separate from the initial game, where the player can earn free spins solely based on the symbols they manage to obtain on the reels. This is the perfect place for the player to gain many wins, of great value, without spending a single one of their credits. This round can be accessed many times if the player is lucky enough to gain three scatter symbols in a spin.

The maximum number of free spins a player can win in any one spin is 25. The number that the player will receive depends entirely on how many scatter symbols they manage to get in a single spin. The lowest number of free spins you receive is 15.

Scatter symbols can show up in the free spin round, also, and means that the player can acquire more and more free spins, equalling up to the possibility to have an unlimited number of free spins. Any additional spins will be added to the counter at the bottom of the screen so that the player can keep track of how many they have left. Once the player has run out of spins, the game will continue as normal and players will be back to using their own credits to place a spin.

During this round, all controls are deactivated, meaning the player cannot change the value of the spins. All wins here will be based on the initial spin that activated the game in the first place. The value of the wins will be tripled while this bonus round is active. Once the bonus round has ended, wins will not be subjected to a multiplier anymore.

The Symbols

Wild Symbol

Victorious makes use of the Golden eagle symbol in order to show a wild symbol. The golden symbol gives a feel of wealth, giving the player an impression of just what they can win from this game. The wild symbol in Victorious is used as a substitute for regular symbols to create winning combination for players, giving them even more chances to win a high pay-out. This symbol can also stand in for the scatter symbol, giving the players more chances to also get free spins.

Scatter Symbol

The Golden Wreath that appears on the reels in Victorious is a scatter symbol. This symbol can appear anywhere on the reels and if three are on the reels then this counts as a win, as long as they appear in a left to right basis. Three or more symbols will also activate the free spin bonus round for players. As well as classing as a win, you can also win on regular symbols, meaning that the player has the chance to achieve two pay-outs. The credits will be added together with the regular payment and be added automatically without the player needing to do anything.

To Win

Victorious needs players to match symbols in order to win (same as Twin Spin slot), leaving the winnings in the hands of the reels. The minimum that need to be matched for certain symbols is two. Most symbols need the reels to show three or more symbols, however, and for every additional symbol you match, your winnings are increased a little. The more you match, the more you get paid. All winnings depend on your initial bet per spin and will be worked out automatically. There is the possibility to win on more than one line with multiple combinations and all will be added to the total win displayed at the bottom of the screen.

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